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How large is the conservation area and what are the plans for future development?

Approximately 750 hectares (1,850 acres) of the land owned by Osoyoos Mountain Estates will remain in its natural state.

This Conservation Area is a key amenity for the Anarchist Mountain community, fostering environmental sustainability while providing recreational opportunities in a private and peaceful setting.

The Conservation Area is protected by the Zoning Bylaws of the Regional District. As currently zoned, this land can never be developed. Further, Osoyoos Mountain Estates has ratified a Stewardship Agreement in place with the Anarchist Mountain Community Society. Osoyoos Mountain Estates has no intention of ever seeking a change in zoning which would permit development of these lands.

What is the source of water for my lot?

Every lot is serviced with its own domestic water well, tested and certified to meet both the Canadian Drinking Water Quality Guidelines as well as the minimum standard set by the Regional District for water quantity. 

Osoyoos Mountain Estates subscribes to BC Groundwater Protection Regulation to further protect groundwater.  The Ministry of Forests, Lands, and Natural Resource Operations maintains automated groundwater-monitoring of water wells to regularly check on groundwater.

What is the current zoning and will the developer be looking to increase density?

Residential lots have a zoning designation established by the Regional District.

The vast majority of lots available through Osoyoos Mountain Estates are zoned Small Holdings Two by the Regional District.  Each lot offered for sale will have information on the permitted uses and zoning requirements within the applicable zone. 

Osoyoos Mountain Estates does not contemplate increasing density within any of the residential areas identified in the Official Community Plan.

How will power be supplied to my property?

Without exception, all lots offered for sale by Osoyoos Mountain Estates will come with power to the property line or building site, depending on the sub-division.

Osoyoos Mountain Estates is working with Fortis BC – and providing funding for – the reinforcement of the power grid on Anarchist Mountain to ensure that the community will have reliable power for many years to come.

What are plans for future development?

Osoyoos Mountain Estates plans to establish a sophisticated residential community, with a focus on providing private, tranquil living communities, with spectacular views and outdoor recreational opportunities.

A "village" core commercial area and designated parklands are also envisioned.  

What are the future plans for the commercial area?

The future "village" core commercial area will feature amenities that will help meet the daily needs of residents when the community reaches sustainable population levels. 

Do I have to build on my lot within a specified time frame?

There is no building commitment required on any of the lots offered for sale by Osoyoos Mountain Estates.

Do you build homes or just sell lots?

Osoyoos Mountain Estates does not build homes, however, we can assist you in finding a builder.

Our retreat home in Osoyoos Mountain Estates celebrates family, friends and the great outdoors.

The mountain provides exceptional year-round recreational activities to accommodate all ages and interests. 

- Osoyoos Mountain Estates Resident

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