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The land owned by Osoyoos Mountain Estates is part of a natural mountain forest.

Individual sub-divisions have been developed in clusters with attention paid to the environment. Unique trees and other natural features are preserved where possible as lots are laid out. 

Over 750 hectares (1,850 acres) was voluntarily zoned as conservation area. This land – which will never be developed – provides recreational opportunities for residents as well as a large green space for the development.

Osoyoos Mountain Estates has entered into a Stewardship Agreement with the Anarchist Mountain Community Society who manages the conservation area for OMEI. The developer is committed to protecting and preserving the many animal, bird and plant species that call this place home.

Each morning, we wake up to the most peaceful and tranquil vista anyone could imagine! We are living our dream in this wondrous and breath taking part of the Okanagan. Every day, we get a glimpse of the many species of wildlife passing through our backyard and we marvel at the variety of birds soaring above us. One couldn't ask for a more beautiful place to live! We've been fortunate to have found our paradise not only with its grand presence but also with our wonderful neighbours. There is a true sense of "family" living here. Everyone is so welcoming and willing to lend a hand in any way needed. Peace and joy can best describe our feelings of living here.

- Osoyoos Mountain Estates Resident

Toll Free: 1.855.Osoyoos (676.9667)