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About Osoyoos Mountain Estates Inc.

Osoyoos Mountain Estates Inc. (OMEI) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ventures North Financial Group Incorporated.

Osoyoos Mountain Estates is the registered owner of approximately 1,336 hectares (3,300 acres) of land located on Anarchist Mountain, in the southern tip of British Columbia's Okanagan Valley. Of those 1,336 hectares, over 750 (1,850 acres) have been set aside for conservation. Osoyoos Mountain Estates is proud to be a community partner, dedicated to sustainability and stewardship in the area.

Osoyoos Mountain Estates is committed to providing our clients with quality customer service and satisfaction. We are available to answer any questions that you may have and assist you in any way that we can. We encourage you to explore our website to find out a bit more about the development and the community where it is located.

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We are very glad that this mountain pulled at our 'heart-strings' the first time we were driving through. Due to some recent events in our life, we have realized that what we have here is not just a community, but rather a family, one that you know will be around to help you in a time of need.

- Osoyoos Mountain Estates Resident

Toll Free: 1.855.Osoyoos (676.9667)